| Chest Pectoral Augmentation

Many men strive to develop their pectoral muscles for a look of bulk and projection. Some men work out extensively and are still unable to develop the pectoral muscles that they hope to achieve. Fortunately for them, it is possible to enlarge the appearance of their chest muscles (pectoralis muscles, “pec” muscles, or simply “pecs”) by placing solid silicone implants (explained below).

Pectoral implants will enhance the bulk and projection of your pectoral muscles, but they will not (here comes the bad news) improve the definition of your muscles. In other words, pec implants will not help you see muscle fibers through your skin. The only way to increase the definition of your pectoralis muscles is to exercise.

The silicone implant itself is soft, flexible, and durable. It is placed directly beneath your pectoral muscle. Solid silicone is safe, reliable, and durable. Silicone has come under fire since the early 1990’s because silicone gel breast implants were alleged to have caused diseases in some women.

There are 2 reasons why you should not concern yourself with this issue: 1) silicone gel breast implants have been shown to NOT cause diseases and 2) the solid silicone implants used for male chest augmentation are not made of silicone gel. Further, many implants, including pace makers and other devices, are made of solid silicone and have not been shown to cause problems.

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