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  • VelaShape guarantees you a comfortable, fast and effective way to reshape your body. It is FDA approved, safe, and one of the most reliable machines on the market.
  • Velashape combines three techniques in one:
    • The revolutionary elōs combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency and Infrared Light Energy
    • Vacuum and Mechanical Rollers
  • The heat energy disseminate into the treated area, it stimulates the blood circulation, increases the intra cellular metabolism and reduces the actual size of fat cells. The mechanical massage smoothes out the skin and facilitates the heat energy delivery.
  • You can expect these results:
    • Smoother skin.
    • Cellulite reduction.
    • Circumferential reduction.
    • Contoured & well shaped body.
  • Endermologie® method devised by the French company LPG® Systems is present on the market for over 20 years. It is proved to be the best Lipomassage ever. The new Endermolab is accompanied by a more accurate head, a touch screen and a "virtual trainer" program.
  • The lipomassage is performed by the Ergodrive, which contains two independent motorized rollers. The rollers works with a negative pressure that forms a skin fold and mobilize the tissues. The rollers perform a “ROLL UP”, “ROLL OUT” and “ROLL IN” each for a specific action.
  • Results:
    • Revitalizes blood and lymphatic circulation.
    • Reactivates the lypolysis and the elimination of stubborn fat.
    • Stimulates the Collagen & Elastin production.